Best Things to do in Odessa

Every part of Odessa unveils a rich collection of landmarks, monuments and attractions of historical and cultural importance, but this splendid and remarkable city isn’t just about culture and history. It is also a very fun touristic destination, a place where travellers can experience a very modern and chic holiday. Below there are 5 of the best things you can do when you are visiting Odessa.

Take a boat trip to Vilkovo – the “Ukrainian Venice”

Odessa is a beautiful harbor and the best part about it is that it offers the chance to take a fabulous boat tour or cruise to the surroundings of this unique European city. One of the best places you want to see here is Vilkovo – The “Ukrainian Venice”.

Vylkove is a very small town and also one of the most picturesque places you have ever seen. This gem of the lower Danube River is located in the delta of Danube and its streets are actually very narrow water channels above which there are very small wooden bridges that allow the locals to get from one house to another. It is a place of breath-taking beauty, one that was rightfully named by many- the “Ukrainian Venice”.


Visit the White Fortress (Belgorod-Dnestrovsky)

One of the most ancient constructions in Ukraine and also in the world, the White Fortress (Belgorod-Dnestrovsky) is 2500 years old. It was built near the Tiras River( now called the Dniester) and it was named Tira. It represents a remarkable architectural work of Medieval Defense and it exhibits some very important historical monuments. A trip to Odessa isn’t really complete unless you visit the impressive White Fortress.


Take a tour of the Catacombs of Odessa

Odessa is built over 200 kilometers of sandstone tunnels, its very own Catacombs. Most of the old area of the city is constructed from soft sandstone and the Catacombs were initially used by smugglers as a hiding place and storage for the stolen goods. During the World War 2 about 600 Ukrainian Partisans used the tunnels as a tactical advantage for attacking the Nazi troops. They managed to kill more that 3000 of them. The tour of the Catacombs also includes a visit to the Catacombs Museum where there are exhibits of radio receivers, weapons, old passports and photos. You shouldn’t visit Odessa Catacombs on your own because their system is very complex and many people got lost inside.

Catacombs of Odessa

Visit Poseidon Water Park

No holiday is complete without some water fun and, of course, a water park is the perfect place for this. The Poseidon Water Park is a very modern leisure resort located at 30 km from Odessa. It is currently the largest and only covered water complex in Eastern Europe. It is hosted inside a four- floors building made out of glass and concrete and it includes 10 slides attractions, 3 pools, hydro massages and geysers. It is the perfect choice for those who are travelling with young children and want to relax while the little ones are having a blast.

Poseidon Water Park

Take a city tour of Odessa

The perfect way to recap the best of Odessa is to take a city tour and admire all the important attractions. In just a couple of hours you will view the Odessa Music Comedy Theater, the Opera House, the Odessa State Archeological Museum, the Potemkin Steps, the Odessa Regional History Museum and much more. All the important cultural and historical buildings, monuments and churches will be presented to you by the tour guide.

tour of Odessa